Project Evaluation

Our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry has lead to a distinct advantage to our customers.  We have the background to understand a particular project as it is discussed with a clear understanding of cGMP's and safety concerns.  We focus on innovation and develop new ideas to create solutions for traditional problems.

Project Engineering

Our focus is on the end result of what a customer is looking for.  To achieve this, interaction with management and more importantly the operators involved with the process, leads to a successful conclusion to address the project.  As safety trained engineers through programs offered by DuPont and ISNetworld.  Our engineers have been involved with achieving both Merit and Star Status with OSHA with several companies

Turnkey Service

Our business is structured to provide every level of service from engineering, design, fabrication and installation.  Our sheet metal and machine shop can provide the fabrication services you need.  Our business is built around a strong cultural commitment to your customers and the greatest compliment that can be paid to us is a referral.


The Bottom Line

Every companies objective is to produce the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.  As if you are production minded, you understand that struggles are a part of manufacturing.  Our simple solutions reduces the downtime by using Statistical Process Control methods to address and reduce the 20% of the problems causing 80% of the downtime.  Most times getting the product out the door is never as good as getting the product out the door at the least possible cost.

What Makes us Stand-Out

There are a lot of good fabrication shops in our area, but the difference between us and them is our experience in the manufacturing arena.  Our Engineers have worked in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as Manufacturing Engineers and they already understand what you are up against.  That experience alone adds value to our services and expedites the process of solving your manufacturing needs.  With a keen eye and ear on the trends of the various manufacturing industries, as well as consistent dialogues with the customer, our staff has been and will continue to be our most valuable asset.